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For those of you who have been coming to our website for years, and even though we haven’t updated until recently, you must know that our blog is primarily about Gash Bell (Zatch Bell). However, we did feature a post about e hookah pens and spoke briefly about Fantasia e hookah pens. Our blog is not about vaping or electronic hookah pens, but a lot of people have been asking us about them.

electronic hookah pens

I will write this explanation article about how they work because we respect our followers and readers and would love to answer any questions that you may have, regardless of whether or not it is about the beloved anime series, Gash Bell.

Electronic hookah pens are not e cigarettes, despite what people have told you or what you may have heard about them. They work very similarly to how e cigs work, but essentially are not the same product because of one particular difference. E cigs are a nicotine supplement for smokers, that means the vapor that you inhale from e cigs actually feed nicotine into your body. Electronic hookah pens (for the most part), such as the Fantasia e shisha pens, do not contain any nicotine.

For those of you who do not think this makes the bulk of the difference, you must read a little about nicotine first. Nicotine is a substance that is addictive and has a handful of known side effects. If you do not smoke, you will not want to use nicotine. If you are a smoker, you can try nicotine-free e hookah pens first to see if you can get your fix off of that. If it doesn’t work for you, you should use the e cigs with nicotine in them. You may also by some chance find e hookah pens that have nicotine, but most of the time they will not.

Some people are asking what are they actually ingesting when using electronic shisha pens. The e juice is the only thing that you are ingesting when using these disposable vape pens. E juice is usually comprised of an organic liquid that is used in a lot of foods and a mixture of fruit juices. If you use disposable e hookah pens, they are safe to use.

There are also other vaporizers that are modifiable and you will see a lot of stores selling mods for these vaporizers. We do not recommend that you buy those vaporizers and modify them. Once you modify the vaporizer, it is no longer approved for it’s intended usage. All those stories that you hear about pens exploding, they will not happen with a disposable e hookah pen and most likely from a heavily modified vaporizer.

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Gash Bell Exclusive

Remembering 2003 to 2006, when the original series of Gash Bell was aired on Fuji television and many others streamed online to follow the Gash’s enterprise and the battle for the Mamono King’s position on Planet Earth. We are proud to introduce the Gash Bell plush toy which is becoming exceedingly popular among children and collectors.

gash bell

Collect all 5 plush toys and begin your legendary road to becoming a Gash Bell collector. In addition to the plush toys, we are also offering second edition Manga copies in both Japanese in English. These are not your average comic books and there are only twenty thousand releases worldwide. In 10 books will be a ticket to redeem a collectible that features an artist signed framed artwork from the original Gash Bell series and a metallic Gash statue. These will be extremely rare and only 10 will be released ever.

gash bell toy

The image shown above is a copy of the toy that is very common and the non-metallic version. The rare version will come in three metallic colors. These colors include silver, gold, and bronze. There will be four bronze, three silver, and three gold figurines available and the tickets will be colored to match the color of the collectible. Each Gash Bell figurine will be marked on the bottom with the official seal of authority, making it an authentic product with serial numbers that can be verified by our crew.

In addition to these super rare figurines and signed posters, twenty separate winners will be randomly selected to win DVDs! Each manga will include a promo code on the first page which you can use to submit on our website. You can become an instant winner!

Stay tuned for more pre-release information, more sweepstakes, prizes, and exclusives. We are also very active participants at the New York and San Diego Comic Con. You can attend our events at these locations during their respective event dates for more exclusive offers.

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Shisha Electronic Pens & Gash Bell = Perfection

Here in Japan, a lot of our crew members enjoy smoking hookah as it is a very common practice here. We are not sure if this is the same in other countries, but we know in the United States and the Middle East, this is also a very popular activity for people of all ages. So as we are going through some of our old episodes and looking towards prospective future projects, we are enjoying our shisha.

As the weather got a little colder, we started using the shisha electronic pens. One of the most popular brands that we use is the Fantasia e hookah which we can use indoors without an issue. We do have a patio here at the office, but when it starts getting cold, nobody wants to go outside. So if you guys smoke hookah and would like to enjoy going down memory lane with Gash Bell, you can too use e shisha.

My colleague Tamiko had initially introduced me this wonderful product and I think I’m hooked on this electronic hookah stuff. The flavors are absolutely exciting to the taste buds and it gets my productivity level on the high end.

shisha electronic fantasia e hookah

Anyway, more about the prospective projects. One of which you already know about, the English dubbed series which we are currently working on and putting the pieces in place for. Could there possibly be a third movie? There might just be, but you have to stay tuned to our website to get the latest updates on projects.

The new Mamono King will be crowned and the battles will begin again. Will the series continue in a brand new series from 2016 onward? The suspense is heaping right now and we are just as excited as you are. Of course, if a new project were to launch, the manga would be the first to release with the anime following shortly after.

mamano king

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Gash Bell Coming to You Soon

Would you be psyched if the Gash Bell series took part in world travel and came to you in an English dub? I know I would be freaking out over it and I would definitely be one of the first to relive every moment now in English. I know it has been long awaited for and many people have been talking about it for years now. After the 15th anniversary, our crew decided maybe we could get it dubbed. We are looking into getting the entire series dubbed in several languages and there might be a small chance that we will dub it in other languages as well. Even though it is a small chance, don’t be discouraged, it can still very well come your way!

zatch bell dvd cover

The dubbed copy will be 100% free and you will be able to find it on our website when it becomes available. You can also purchase the Blu Ray remastered copies as well, but free streaming will always be available.

We have received many emails over the past fifteen years requesting for the English dubbed version of the popular series and we just never had to resources to allow the series to travel to the west. Of course, if you can’t imagine already, hiring English speech actors can be pricey!

Another question that many of our fans have asked is whether a dubbed version of the two movies will be released internationally. That will be kept a secret but stay tuned for more information regarding the movies.

Our crew will be traveling to the United States soon to see if a prospective deal can be reached and if we can finally get this project in motion. If we do, the project could last up to 8 months before an official release. If we do release it, we plan to begin with the New York Comic Con coming next October. 2016 is the year to look forward to!

world travel

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Celebrating 12 Years of Gash Bell Greatness

gash bell anniversary anime

It has been nearly 15 years since the first airing of the show Gash Bell, which a lot of us can remember from our childhood. The series began in 2001. The first movie was released in 2004 and has been a memorable one for most of us who still own the DVD. This website had been originally launched to remember the movie at it’s 10 year anniversary mark, however we are revamping it for the 15 year anniversary.

We also had a big 15 year celebration this year at San Diego Comic Con, NYCC, and Dragon Con with many cosplayers featuring Zatch and friends. Join us next year at New York Comic Con for the next celebration in memory of this loved show and series.

Relive these memories with us right here for the original series and first two movies of Gash Bell. Some of you might even remember the manga from Shonen and we still have a showcase and collection of all the Shonen chapters. In addition to the manga, there was also a video game for the Nintendo console which was widely popular among young adults.

Although the movie was never released in a country aside from Japan, there are subbed copies available and we may be able to help you find one if you do not know where to get yours. We may be uploading it online soon for a short period of time so that our viewers can watch it for free or we can link out to the sources that offer the movie for sale. If you must have it now, Amazon is offering it for $10.

Or if you are interested in the TV series, you can purchase the collection at Amazon. Alternatively, you can watch it using the link on our navigation menu which will bring you to a YouTube channel with all 150 episodes of Gash Bell!

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