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Synopsis : It was the movie that stunned audiences, shocked the MPAA and marked the debut of one of the most uncompromising filmmakers in modern horror. Golden Globe winner Dylan McDermott (The Practice) stars as a post-apocalyptic scavenger who brings home a battered cyborg skull for his metal-sculptor girlfriend. But this steel scrap contains the brain of the M.A.R.K. 13, the military's most ferocious bio-mechanical combat droid. It is cunning, cruel and can reassemble itself. Tonight, it is reborn....and no flesh shall be spared. Stacey Travis (Ghost World) co-stars - along with appearances by Iggy Pop, Lemmy of Motörhead and music by Ministry and Public Image Ltd.

Release Date:1990-09-14
Production Countries:United Kingdom, United States of America,
Production Co.:Palace Pictures British Screen Productions Wicked Films
Genres:Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller,
Casts:Dylan McDermott, Stacey Travis, William Hootkins, Carl McCoy, Iggy Pop, Mark Northover, Paul McKenzie, Ian Fraser Kilmister, Mac McDonald, Chris McHallem, Barbara Yu Ling, Oscar James, Arnold Lee, Susie Savage, Fred Leeown, Mimi Cheung, Sebastian Chee, John Lynch, Richard Stanley,
Plot Keywords:male nudity, female nudity, killer robot, nudity, artist, post-apocalyptic, dystopia, murder, robot as menace, independent film, gore, disembodied head, blood, cyberpunk, sculpture, violence, apartment, severed arm, voyeur,
Alternative Titles:
Génétic warrior
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