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Synopsis : The innkeeper's daughter is in love, but her mother has already decided that she is going to be married to another man. Raymond, the young woman's fiancé, is devastated. After a few expository scenes, this extremely simple plot becomes fragmented into two mirror-like flashbacks, shown in split-screen: she dreams of her past happiness with her beloved, embracing her during a boat excursion on a pond, he has a nightmare where she is seen embracing the other man. Raymond loses his mind and repudiates the innocent woman, she commits suicide.

Title:Le coeur et l'argent
Release Date:1912-08-23
Production Countries:France,
Production Co.:Société des Etablissements L. Gaumont
Genres:Romance, Drama,
Casts:Suzanne Grandais, Renée Carl, Raymond Lyon, Paul Manson, Henri Gallet, Aurelio Sidney,
Plot Keywords:silent film, short,
Alternative Titles:
The Heart and the Money
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