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Synopsis : Georges Méliès's first attempt at Cinderella was in 1899. That film was extraordinary then for having multiple scenes and a semblance of a narrative; additionally, the use of dissolves as transitions in it influenced other filmmakers for years to do the same. Méliès was the cinema world's preeminent leader then. By 1912, however, that was no longer the case; frankly, as evidenced by this feature, his style had become dated. Moreover, Méliès had begun to adopt techniques from other filmmakers, such as direct cuts instead of dissolves, and there's even a match on action shot during the slipper trying-on scene.

Title:Cendrillon ou La pantoufle merveilleuse
Release Date:1912-11-01
Production Countries:France,
Production Co.:Star-Film
Genres:Drama, Fantasy,
Casts:Louise Lagrange, Jacques Feyder, Marthe Vinot,
Plot Keywords:based on novel, silent film, based on fairy tale,
Alternative Titles:
Baile Até à Meia-Noite
Cenicienta o la zapatilla de cristal
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