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Synopsis : Anna (Ellen Diedrich), a beautiful girl from a poor background, is offered a well-paid position as a lady's companion in London. Handsome Georg (Lauritz Olsen) has been Anna's friend since childhood, and they are now informally betrothed. The sceptical Georg suspects that the job offer is too good to be true, but Anna dismisses his scepticism and she reports to the London address. The stately home in England turns out to be a whorehouse, run by madame Ella la Cour, corseted to a fare-thee-well: apparently there are no good-looking women in London, so they have to import them from Denmark. Anna manages to overpower her first client (Svend Bille) but is unable to escape.

Title:Den hvide slavehandel
Release Date:1910-08-01
Production Countries:Denmark,
Production Co.:Nordisk Film
Casts:Ellen Diedrich, Victor Fabian, Julie Henriksen, Rigmor Jerichau, Ella La Cour, Otto Lagoni, Doris Langkilde, Aage Lorentzen, Lauritz Olsen, Einar Zangenberg,
Plot Keywords:
Alternative Titles:
Die weiße Sklavin I
Valkoinen orjakauppa
De blanke slavin
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