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Synopsis : Tokoramo, a Japanese diplomat on a mission to Paris, begins a love affair with Helene, a chorus girl, who subsequently rejects her American fiancé, Richard Bernisky. When the Japanese discover the affair, they try to force Tokoramo to end it, but Helene refuses to stop visiting him. One night, during one of her visits, Bernisky comes to Tokoramo's apartment and, while Helene hides, rebukes her to her lover. After Bernisky leaves, Tokoramo orders Helene out, but when he realizes his love for her, he calls her back. Suddenly, she rejects and insults him to the point that he strangles her. Tokoramo wants to confess his crime, but he must complete his work, and so his countrymen sacrifice a boy, Hironari, who pleads guilty to the murder and eventually is guillotined. In the end, Tokoramo also dies and his colleagues burn his valuable papers in order to protect Japan. -From the TCM.com Database, powered by the AFI.

Title:The Typhoon
Release Date:1914-10-10
Production Countries:United States of America,
Production Co.:New York Motion Picture
Casts:Sessue Hayakawa, Gladys Brockwell, Frank Borzage, Henry Kotani, Leona Hutton, Kisaburô Kurihara, Tsuru Aoki, Charles K. French, Herschel Mayall,
Plot Keywords:
Alternative Titles:
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