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Synopsis : The Count of Champcenetz is governor of the Palace of the Tuileries. His mistress Grace Elliott, a young widow, begs him not to go the Palace where he must defend King Louis XVI, who is threatened by the Revolution. After a few hours fight, in spite of the Count's best efforts, the crowd captures the King, the Queen, their children and their are taken to the prison of the Temple. Champcenetz, wounded, escapes and, disguised as a sans-culotte, walks back to Mrs. Elliott's. He leaves out of the country with her and marries her.

Title:L'Evadé des Tuileries
Release Date:1910-07-01
Production Countries:France,
Production Co.:Pathé Frères
Casts:Georges Grand, Gabrielle Robinne, Jeanne Brindeau, Sylvette Fillacier, Cécile Didier, Paul Capellani,
Plot Keywords:
Alternative Titles:
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