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Download and Watch La fille de Delft Full Movie Online Free Streaming. This Movie was Released on 1914-04-23 with HDTV Resolutions - 1080p/720p.
Synopsis : Kaatje, the daughter of the miller Schoonejans, and Jef, a little shepherd, who live near Delft, are happy together. In a floral parade, the carriage the two children have decorated with tulips wins the first prize. The next day, during a thunderstorm, lightning destroys the mill and kills Schoonejans. A life of misery starts for his widow and daughter. Remembering how the theatre manager Boolmans had applauded the dancing of Kaatje and Jef at the floral parade, the widow takes her daughter to Amsterdam, where Boolmans engages Kaatje. The years pass, and Kate has become a famous dancer.

Title:La fille de Delft
Release Date:1914-04-23
Production Countries:Belgium,
Production Co.:Pathé Fréres
Casts:Blanche Derval, Henri Goidsen, Harzé, Blanche Montel, Germaine Kaisen, Fernand Gravey, Richard, Richard, Paule Bréval, Max Péral, Flore Aldile, Duvivier, Fernande Dépernay, William Elie, Jean-François Martial, Yolande Maurel, Georges Mertens, M. Scott,
Plot Keywords:loyalty,
Alternative Titles:
A Tragedy in the Clouds
The Girl from Delft
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