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Download and Watch A Search for Evidence Full Movie Online Free Streaming. This Movie was Released on 1903-08-02 with HDTV Resolutions - 1080p/720p.
Synopsis : Looking for evidence that her husband may have been unfaithful, a woman is in a hotel, accompanied by a witness, and they are peeking through the keyholes at the guests. After looking at a couple of rooms inhabited by strangers, they see a tray of drinks taken into room #9, but the room turns out to be occupied by a group of men playing cards. Still the wife continues, sure that eventually she'll find what she's looking for.

Title:A Search for Evidence
Release Date:1903-08-02
Production Countries:United States of America,
Production Co.:American Mutoscope & Biograph
Casts:Kathryn Osterman,
Plot Keywords:silent film,
Alternative Titles:
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