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Synopsis : Lizette loves Jean but a 10,000 franc dowry insisted upon by Jean's father is keeping them apart. Paul, Lizette's "black sheep" brother, begs that she gives him her saved money so he can increase it for her - at the gaming table!! He does win but there are a few who are determined he shall not reach home with his money. Paul also suffers from a bad heart and with the stress he feels from being set upon, he takes refuge at an inn. He seals the money up in an envelope addressed to Lizette Rouget but dies before he can deliver it safely to her. Lizette is now destitute, Jean having long ago deserted her but the ghost of Paul continues to haunt the inn's bedroom to guard the money from "unworthy hands".

Title:The Haunted Bedroom
Release Date:1913-12-20
Production Countries:United States of America,
Production Co.:Edison Company
Genres:Mystery, Drama,
Casts:Herbert Prior, Mabel Trunnelle, Augustus Phillips, Jack Strong, Harry Eytinge, Harry Linson, Harry Beaumont, Carlton S. King,
Plot Keywords:melodrama, silent film,
Alternative Titles:
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