Η Κρουαζιέρα του Ερωτα hd.720p

Download and Watch Η Κρουαζιέρα του Ερωτα Full Movie Online Free Streaming. This Movie was Released on 1988-01-01 with HDTV Resolutions - 1080p/720p.
Synopsis : Jealousy is a reasonable indication of love and expressions of interest for the other half. But when it exceeds the reasonable limits, is suffering for both. Typical is the case of a jealous wife who during a cruise in the Mediterranean, will upset everyone with her antics.

Title:Η Κρουαζιέρα του Ερωτα
Release Date:1988-01-01
Production Countries:
Production Co.:
Genres:Romance, Comedy,
Casts:Panos Michalopoulos, Vana Barba,
Plot Keywords:
Alternative Titles:
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