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Synopsis : Unknown to Reuben Warren, the foreman of an ironworks, his invention, the volta-dynamo, was stolen years earlier by his employer, Knowlton, and is the foundation for the iron magnate's financial empire. Reuben is in love with Knowlton's daughter Margaret, who is engaged to Ralph Standish, the son of Reuben's deceased mentor. A strike against inhumane working conditions at the mill coincides with the discovery of Knowlton's theft by Reuben, who confronts the employer with proof of his treachery. Margaret later breaks her engagement to Ralph and proclaims her love for Reuben. As Margaret's husband, Reuben now owns half of the mill and gladly meets the strikers' demands. -From TCM.com Database, powered by the AFI.

Title:The Lost Paradise
Release Date:1914-09-01
Production Countries:United States of America,
Production Co.:Famous Players Film Company
Casts:H.B. Warner, Catherine Carter, Mark Price, Arthur Hoops, Rita Stan, Amy Summers, Phil Tead, Trixie Jennery, Wellington A. Playter, Augustus Balfour, Marcus Moriarity,
Plot Keywords:
Alternative Titles:
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