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Download and Watch The Coca-Cola Kid Full Movie Online Free Streaming. This Movie was Released on 1985-07-14 with HDTV Resolutions - 1080p/720p.
Synopsis : An eccentric marketing guru visits a Coca-Cola subsidiary in Australia to try and increase market penetration. He finds zero penetration in a valley owned by an old man who makes his own soft drinks, and visits the valley to see why. After "the Kid's" persistence is tested he's given a tour of the man's plant, and they begin talking of a joint venture. Things get more complicated when the Coca-Cola man begins falling in love with his temporary secretary, who seems to have connections to the valley.

Title:The Coca-Cola Kid
Release Date:1985-07-14
Production Countries:Australia,
Production Co.:Australian Film Commission Cinema Enterprises Grand Bay Films International Pty.
Genres:Comedy, Drama, Romance,
Casts:Eric Roberts, Greta Scacchi, Bill Kerr, Chris Haywood, Kris McQuade, Max Gillies, Tony Barry, Paul Chubb, David Slingsby, Colleen Clifford, Tim Finn, Colleen Clifford, Esben Storm, Steve Dodd, Ian Gilmour, David Argue,
Plot Keywords:nudity, seduction, marketing, sydney, australia, swimming pool, independent film, fish out of water, american abroad, land baron,
Alternative Titles:
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