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Download and Watch À Flor do Mar Full Movie Online Free Streaming. This Movie was Released on 1986-10-02 with HDTV Resolutions - 1080p/720p.
Synopsis : Laura Rossellini, a widow from Rome, vacations on the Algarve coast one hot summer. One day while sunbathing, she finds a wounded man named Robert drifting in the surf on a rubber raft. She takes him home, and, after he is revived, learns his story. As they talk, their mutual attraction grows, until a group of armed men suddenly arrives looking for Robert.

Title:À Flor do Mar
Release Date:1986-10-02
Production Countries:Portugal,
Production Co.:
Genres:Romance, Drama,
Casts:Laura Morante, Philip J. Spinelli, Manuela de Freitas, Georges Claisse, Teresa Villaverde, Sérgio Antunes, Rita Figueiredo, Conceição Senna, Haddy Moss, Gerd Volkmar, Frederick Ooms, Haddy Moss, Gerd Volkmar, João César Monteiro,
Plot Keywords:
Alternative Titles:
Hovering over the Water
The Sea Flower
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